As a Marketing & Multimedia Consulting company, SHE offers services to clients including Multimedia coordination and production, Branding, Social media engagement, Presenting and Event hosting.

Stephanie debut in 2010 as the principal designer and film producer for the Endangered Species International Summit. Launching a series of short films including naturally critical and the inspirational short featuring double academy award winner Emma Thompson.

Stephanie’s interest in producing work that addresses social issues led to the creation of the model-meter. An interactive marketing tool – the design piece unites women across cultures and continents to break the mould and visually proclaims that 1size does not fit all.

Stephanie has been the London assistant director for the international documentary, The Illusionist; the young women’s film mentor and marketing specialist for SYC and debut in front of the camera in 2012 as a presenter for the BBC2 Global Body film. Her work has been featured in several international newspapers and at prestigious venues including the house of parliament and the Royal Festival Hall.

SHE is noted for taking a creative approach to marketing, engaging audiences across cultures and continents – raising the profile of the campaigns she has had the pleasure of working on.

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